The Challenge

The 719 project is about encouraging people of all ages to mature in faith by getting outside of ourselves and reaching out to people who may not have the ability to reach back. According to Matthew 25:40, when we reach out and minister to people who may not be able to reach back, we are not only ministering to their needs, we are also ministering to Christ; it is an act of worship. You can 719 in any number of ways. You can volunteer in a local nursing home, assisted living center or senior adult day care. Maybe you could get a group of people together in your church and visit the shut-ins in your community or develop a letter or card campaign and send cards each week to elderly church member in your community. There are countless ways to get involved ,but the first step is to decide you are going to do something.

┬áHere is a Great First Step – Pray!

If you need some other ideas about how you or your church might develop a 719 ministry in your area or would like to have have someone come and speak to your church or organization, just click on the link below and we will be happy to get back with you.

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