Jannie’s One Thing

I work Monday – Thursday. Fridays had been my day to spend with my sister who is 16 years older than me. I teach the senior ladies SS class at Auburn B/C in Tupelo. We had a new lady to come to our church and class who had no connection to anyone in our church. I invited her to join us. After the death of a cousin we invited her sister to go with us. Over the last month, we have added others, but have tried to keep it quiet, since my vehicle can’t hold a lot of people, but the last lady we invited couldn’t quit talking about our trip and now others wanted to go. These ladies range in age from about 70 – 82. We have such a great time together. I also try to get our class together such as having breakfast out. On our trips, I serve as chauffeur. When asked what we are doing, they say it doesn’t matter, we just go where Jannie takes us and you always have fun. Their best trip is to Pontotoc is to the Amish and the market over there. They say that is just the most peaceful trip they can make. And I have a ball with them and look forward to Fridays!

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