Harold’s One Thing

Because of my past service in the military, I know how important it is to be able to claim the strength of being a warrior when recovering. I have been both a patient and a nurse. Not too long ago, I was recovering from surgery at the VA. While I was there I was given an Army hat representing my years of service. Wearing that hat helped me to reclaim my strength as a warrior. It also helped me to identify with others who had also served and were now my brothers in recovery.
When I returned to my work in the nursing home, I made it my mission to help other veterans to also claim their strength as warriors in order to help them to heal. I began identifying the residents who had been in the service and bought them a hat to represent their branch of service. It was amazing to watch their faces light up with pride as they reclaimed their history and strength. We are now starting to branch out to other nursing homes. My 719 Project is called Harold’s Hats.

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