719 Sit With Me Sunday


Join with us this July 17th to Celebrate & Participate in

“Sit With Me Sunday”

On July 19th (7/19) we are inviting anyone who is interested and committed to ending the pain of isolation and loneliness in the lives of the elderly and the infirmed, to take a moment at 7:19 p.m. to gather together and pray for the 719 project and the elders in your community. Take this 21 day challenge to remember, respect and reconnect!

Photo Apr 26, 9 40 47 PMOn the Sunday before (7/19) which is Jul;y 17th .  We want to encourage you to make a 719 Project out of that Sunday by inviting an elder that lives around you to come and sit with you on that Sunday.  That’s what we are calling it, “Sit With Me Sunday.”  It’s where you invite an elder to come to church and sit with you in worship or maybe you can go and sit with an elder. Where? In the nursing home, assisted living, maybe they are in a transitional care unit for rehab and away from family and friends or maybe even on their front porch.

The point of it is to encourage people to come together in different generations to be able to alleviate the loneliness that so often times accompanies people as they age.  Would you join with us on Sunday July 17th and invite someone to Sit With Me Sunday?
The goal of the 719 Project is to encourage people of faith to reclaim the elderly in their community who have become isolated and lonely, and to build relationships that foster hope. Would you join others in prayer today that God would use you and those you know to help end the pain of isolation and loneliness among the elders of your community?
1. Pray for yourself. Ask God to help you have a passion to do your part to end isolation and loneliness among the elderly in your community. Give God your availability.
2. Pray that God would use the 719 project to lead people to get out of their comfort zone to end isolation and loneliness among the elderly.
3. Pray that God would bless the 719 leaders, volunteers and friends as they attempt to gain access to churches, schools and civic organizations to spread the word about the 719 project and how people can join together to end isolation and loneliness among the elderly.